My "Istanbul Friends"






During the month of February three Taiwanese audiophiles visited Istanbul. Before their arrival they had already established contact with the president of Istanbul Hi-Fi Club, Haluk Ozumerzifon. They were first hosted by Haluk (and that's where I had the occasion to meet them). And I guess at this point it is time for you to meet them too: Michael Chen (director of an art gallery),Wei-Ming Hwang (conductor and violin player), Denise Liao (piano teacher).

During the following few days Haluk took them to the homes of Mert Aybek, Cuneyt Borcbakan and Can Elgiz. They listened to their systems, discussed music, met Aydin Esen and had lots of fun (I guess). We also very much enjoyed their pleasant personalities and their deep knowledge in the area of audio and music.

Later on they took a six days tour to visit central Anatolia and then returned back to Taiwan.

Recently we were pleased to learn that Michael Chen and Denise Liao were preparing an article about their "Trip to Turkey" for the Taiwanese AudioArt magazine. They asked my permission to use some of the pictures of my friends' systems that they had the occasion to visit and my permission was granted. I have just received a copy of the said magazine (May 2002 issue I guess!) and scanned the relevant pages for your review . If you click the below thumbnails, you'll get the enlarged pictures and you will be able to "read" the article. Enjoy!

page 228

page 229

page 230

page 231

page 232

And this is what appears at the very end of the article. I assume it is an acknowledgement that the pictures and some of the technical information of my "Friends' Systems" are taken from my web site you are about to visit at this very moment.