Bill Gillet's
Date of "Visit":
13 May 2001

09 June 2001

"Third Visit":
02 June 2002

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top view of Dunlavy Athena

Jadis DA60


Revox tuner

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Bill and my system

Bill and me


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Bill Gillet

As far as I remember, we always had a musical ambiance at home; my grand mother playing Chopin or my father listening to the "Well-tempered clavier"... Already an opportunity to understand the differences between recorded music and life !

Today as audiophile and music lover I have more than 1400 CD & LP. Nevertheless I buy every week-end 2 to 5 new carefully selected CDs (Classical : 50%, Jazz : 40% and World : 10%) and I read selected specialized magazines to better understand (Goldberg, Diapason, Repertoire,..). 

As I appreciate specially jazz trios, renaissance and baroque repertories, piano sonatas, I first bought Martin Logan SL3, a French YBA CD-1 player and Myth class A amp... I then realized that the sound didn't come from the speakers but from the musicians!!  I can not imagine a better speaker choice for the price.

I heard then the Dunlavy SC-IV while vacationing in Florida. The sound was so damn good that I bought Dunlavy's Athena (Aletha) on the spot  on my return in Belgium and do not regret it for one minute. The best way to sum up these speakers is that unlike most speakers, they do not have a strong point; instead, they just do everything really well. Every speaker I have ever owned has always had a compromise in some area. The  perfect example of that is the marvelous SL3 (bass limitation). 

I'm running them now with a Jadis DA60 tube amp. The DA60 is surprising: it can be big, bold and powerful one moment and subtle, delicate and sophisticated the next moment. Presumably, this is due to the build quality (the transformers!) and the KT90 tubes. 

Finally I selected a TL2-x with a bel canto DAC-1. The ability of the CEC to extract analog alike information from a CD is incredible; one of the most natural and musical transports I have heard. 

System's Components

CD Transport:


D/A Converter:

Bel Canto DAC-1


Rega 3 & DL103


Revox B760

Integrated Amp:

Jadis DA60 (KT90)


Dunlavy Athena (Aletha)


MIT 350

Speaker Cables:

MIT 750 (bi-wired)

Bill's comments about his System:

AA: "Bill, how would you describe your system's sound?"

BG: "My new system make every instrument/voice sound like they are supposed to and I never get tired listening!" 

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

BG: "There is always ways to improve a system! I'm only limited by my time…" 

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

BG: "In the long run I may add a SACD player and/or a DVD-Audio system if software follows!" 

Editor's Note:

On 11-12 May 2001 Bill Gillet was in Istanbul.  On Friday night we got together at my place. We chatted about music, equipment, Hi-Fi activities in Belgium and in Istanbul, and of course we listened to music. The next day (Saturday afternoon), I was visiting my friend Cuneyt Bocbakan where Marantz SA-1 (SACD player) was being compared with his Krell CD player. Bill joined us and had the occasion to meet a group of my best friends from the Istanbul Hi-Fi Club. It is amazing to notice how audiophiles quickly establish a sort of connection between themselves, even though they are from different parts of the world, or from different cultures. At the end of the day, I felt as if Bill was one of us. Probably his warm personality had also a lot to do with my feeling. (see the two bottom pictures).


"Re-Visit" Notes (09 June 2001)

I recently upgraded to the CEC TL1-x after having used a CEC TL2-x for a while.

I have spent a lot of time choosing the right player as it will probably be my last one before a new format emerges.

The build quality of the TL1 is exceptional and the difference between those 2 transport is huge. The first thing that stuck me is the bass improvement. It is more firm, natural and clearly articulated. The rest of the audible range is similarly improved. Simply smooth, natural and a joy to listen to.. It's the sound I was looking for since a long time. It's simple, you get with this transport a lot more of everything in a very relax and "analog alike" way! It's a lot more real! Already after the first comparing it looks impossible to travel back to the TL2-x world.... The TL1-x is fundamentally better than the TL2! Highly recommended!

I have to admit that with the emerging of the SACD format in the market place, it is somewhat crazy at this time to spend a lot of money for a conventional CD player. But I'm not about to turn around and replace my fantastic (!!! ) CD collection and on the other hand I don't see today a lot of SACD or DVD-Audio software on the shelves!

Krell KSA-300S

Classe CP-47.5 & Krell

Third Visit Notes (02 June 2002)

I previously owned a Jadis DA60 amp and now I have a second hand Krell KSA-300S with a new Classe CP-47.5 preamp; what a change !!! what a revolution.

This giant amp is a real killer. The build quality is incredible (the power supply is bigger than the human head. 5.000va.. 300w /8 ohms). This amp is, of course, incredibly heavy. The Krell excels in its ability to recreate the spatial aspect of the Music (a bit like the Jadis but with a greater precision). Second among Krell's attributes are the ability to plumb the depths of the bass range. Krell rock my world, and on the other hand, it is the most natural, non colored, delicate, articulate and sweet amp that I have ever heard !

The CP-47.5 is an excellent piece too. It provokes my entire system into performing well past my expectations The sound of this preamp looks very tough to beat at that price and the bonus is it has a great phono section too. The Classé has a balanced output, exactly what I need for the Krell KSA-300 S. The remote is made of aluminum in a beautiful black finish. I control my audio world !