Cuneyt Genc's 
Date of Visit:
30 January 1999

22 January 2000

The System

Jadis JA 30

Cabasse Baltic

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Cuneyt Genc

Cuneyt is the web master of Istanbul Hi Fi Club's web site. For the last  two years he has taken care of the site with great dedication and kept it regularly updated.

Visually his system is one of the most attractive and occupies the main living room with style. It consists of  JADIS electronics and Cabasse speakers (satellite and subwoofer). With the exception of cables it is entirely French. Cuneyt's French wife Pascale likes the system very much. Congratulations Cuneyt, an excellent way to solve WAF!

Cuneyt listens to Jazz (65%) and Classical (35%) CD's.

System's Components
CD Player: Jadis JD 3 Deluxe
Line Preamp: Jadis JPS 2
Power Amps: Jadis JA 30 (mono)
Subwoofer Amps Cabasse AM 1000 (mono)
Speakers: Cabasse Baltic
Subwoofers: Cabasse Stromboli
Active Crossover: Cabasse Polaris
Interconnects: Van den Hul MC Gold, MC Silver, Second
Speaker Cables:  Van den Hul SCS 2, SCS 6

Cuneyt's comments about his System:

AA: "Cuneyt, how would you describe your system's sound?"
CG: "It gives the feeling of "being there" and has good presence in low volume."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
CG: "I would want to enlarge the sound stage, but this is something which also depends of the room. Hopefully I'll move in two years and have a dedicated listening room."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
CG: "I will try to upgrade my "no name" power cords. For the CD system, I'll wait and see like my other friends"

the new system

the electronics

Cabasse Adriatis

Re-Visit Notes (22 January 2000)

With the exception of Jadis JA 30 power amps, Cuneyt renewed his whole system. Still this drastic renewal is made with delicacy by respecting some well received traditions: Jadis / Cabasse partnership and "Made in France" equipment. 

As there are so many changes let me give you the component details of the new system.
CD Transport: Teac P700
D/A Converter: Bel Canto DAC1
Passive Control: Audio Synthesis ProPassion
Power Amps: Jadis JA 30 (mono)
Speakers: Cabasse Adriatis
Digital Cable: Siltech HF8 SI
Interconnects: Nordost Quatro Fil
Speaker Cables: Nordost SPM Reference
Power Cords: Harmonic Technology Pro 11

Cabasse Adriatis are one of the best looking speakers I've seen to date. Cuneyt told me that his wife Pascal also likes them very much. Their three-way spherical units contain the tweeter, high-mid and low-mid units in a concentric fashion. The white main body contains 2 x 30 cm. push-pull configured woofers.

Sonically Cuneyt's new system was much better than his previous one. The sound was silky sweet, detailed, effortless, untiring. The mids had body and the bass was well extended. The only problematic area was the bass tightness and detail. The low power Jadis JA 30 amps seemed to have difficulties to drive the woofer units of the new Cabasse speakers. Cuneyt is well aware of this problem and seriously considering to buy new power amps with some more muscle. Nevertheless, the overall sound was very pleasant and musical.

Well done, Cuneyt! Happy listening!