Creme de la Creme Recordings



Between 8 November 1997 and 31 October 1998 I hosted a one hour radio program in Acik Radyo - 94.9 (FM station located in Istanbul and mostly listened by intellectuals and college students). Each week I was inviting a different member of Istanbul Hi Fi Club and during the second half of the program he (there are no she's in Hi Fi as everyone knows) was playing the CD's which he thought to be the "Records to Die For" of his collection (both for musical value and recording quality). In the first half I was doing the same exercise from my own collection. The program's name "Kayitsiz Kalabilir misiniz?" has a double meaning in Turkish

a) Can you live without records?
b) Can you be indifferent?

Nice name for such a program, isn't it?

In this section you will find only what I consider to be the best of all the CD's played in this radio program. Scrupulously filtered for you and presented in two major sections: