Dan Bellity's
Date of "Visit":
17 June 2001

the system

All drivers are 
wall mounted (no vibrations)

Drivers chassis are 
connected to earth

Sand Dumping for 3" horn

Vents of the bass cabinet 
loaded by wall corner

Mid Bas driver TAD 1102 



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Dan Bellity

I came to Hi-fi very young, 13 years old. I built my first audio equipment myself. And, with my first money, I bought my first Hi-Fi system which was Lenco Turntable, Denon PMA 700Z amplifier and Sharp Optonica speakers. At this time, I use to do many recording with a big AKAI Tape recorder 630D.

When I was 20, I decided, with a friend of mine, to make my passion become a job and we created a company (shop) in Nice called AudioFeeling. I worked there for 10 years, just the time to learn more about world famous brands. We were very successful and met a lot of very interesting people.

After I left the shop, I created my first Distribution Company Called TETRA.

I decided to Move to Paris to locate my Company in the capital of France.  At this time I signed distribution agreements  as exclusive distributor for France for many nice brands like Wadia Digital, Genesis Speakers, Jadis, Kimber, Audio Alchemy, Magnum Dynalab, Cary Audio, Audio Exklusiv, Lurne CD players and Turntables, Apertura speakers, Stax, Platinum speakers and... Meridian Audio. In 1995 time was not very good for business in France and Tetra had to close the door. One year later, I moved again to south of France and created a new company called Crisis What Crisis? From the name of a famous Rock record title of Supertramp. All my manufacturers from Tetra trusted me and started again with me in this new company. 6 years later, I am ready to close again Crisis' doors because I received from Meridian an offer which could not be refused: they offered to me to open a branch of Meridian in France and  work only for them. Today, this is my only work.

Some time ago I decided to come back to my first love and create a big Horn System (6 ways!), as a hobby.

I like very smooth sound, with very deep bass. I tried many kind of association (drivers and horn: TAD, ALTEC, IWATA, LeDauphin)  and finaly, the full JBL set  gave me the best results. I just kept my Onken tweeters. I love their sound (some days ago I replaced my TAD 201 1" driver by a 2426 JBL). I like it very much. It was quite impossible to imagine an active analog crossover for 6-ways also, I decided to look around professional products and found the best of the best: BSS from UK. I especially use the BSS FDS 366 because it has a Digital input which authorize me to keep a total digital line from my  drive Meridian 800, to the 2 BSS FDS 366  with, in the middle, one Tact RCS2.0 room corrector and digital volume control. I also have isolating transformer at the BSS output.

I own a Clio measurement equipment which is very useful to control frequency response and time coherence of the system. I really enjoy this system and listen a lot of music. As I work at home, I can listen to music nearly all day long.

System's Components
CD Drive: Meridian 800. Using digital output AES/EBU (internally re-sampled
into 24/88.2 by 800)
Room corrector: TACT RCS 2.0 (digital in/out)
Digital crossover: 2 x  BSS366 (Digital in and analog out. All digital lines are 24/88.2 )
Bass Amp: Gryphon Antileon (0-100Hz)
Drivers: 2X 15" TAD 1602 in a 550 liter Vented Box
Mid-bass amp: Cary SLM100 mono bloc (100-300Hz)
Driver: TAD 1102 in a 120 liter vented box
Low midrange: Cary CAD 845 SE stereo Bloc (300-1.63kHz)
Drivers: JBL 2490 - 3 inches with JBL 2392 Horn
Midrange: Cary CAD 300B SE Signature mono bloc (1.63kHz-2.14kHz)
Driver: JBL 2450 2 inches
High midrange: Cary CAD 300 XLS 20 signature mono bloc (2.14kHz-8.00kHz)
High frequencies: Cary CAD 2A3 mono bloc (8.00kHz-20kHz)

Dan's comments about his System:

AA: "Dan, how would you describe your system's sound?"

DB: "Very wide range. A lot of information are located around 20Hz and they are very important." 

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

DB: "Probably, there is always place for improvement. Next step would be a full digital system using Digital amps from TACT." 

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

DB: "Next step would be a full digital system using Digital amps from TACT. Tact amplifier will include Digital crossover in input. By the way, BBS will be removed and way separation will be done from Amp input." 


Dan Bellity's "must see" web site (in French).
It also includes a high-end discussion forum.
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