Devrim Selek's
Date of "Visit":
04 May 2003

the system

rack side view

Wadia CD player

Krell power amp

Von Schweikert speaker

the back of the speaker

CD collection


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Devrim Selek

My name is Devrim Selek and I live in New York City. As far back as I can remember, I was always big fan of music. I started with Rock music. I listened and lived this style until age of 24-25. But then things started to change as I began to discover Jazz and Classical music. And finally about four years ago I got bit by High End Audio bug while I was paying a first visit to one of my friends house who is die hard audiophile. He had a beautiful system. What I heard that holy day totally knocked me right off my feet. It was fantastic, so real and so alive and it was so new to me. It was nothing like I listened before. Since then I owned so many different kind of equipments and I learnt a lot of things about this expensive hobby.

I consider myself a minimalist. Therefore I believe the signal path from source equipment to speakers should be kept as short and distortion free as possible. I don't like preamps too much and as long as gain isn't needed from the preamp, it will be beneficial to avoid it. I am using single source equipment, Wadia 861 with volume control. I am thinking to add a good quality SACD player (like Accupase or maybe Wadia) in the near future. At that point I may consider a passive preamp to switch from one player to another.

I use Krell 700cx power amp. This is the new "x" version with CAST II technology. Also with this model Krell launched its Sustained Plateau Bias III. I don't use other Krell equipments in my system so I cannot take advantage of the CAST technology but Sustained Plateau Bias III truly maximizes the amp's efficiency both in power consumption and heat generation. I am a big fan of Krell Amplifiers and combination of Krell and Wadia 861 is nothing short of magnificent in terms of clarity, transparency, and deep, wide 3 dimensional soundstage.

I recently bought a newly released Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III Special Edition. This speaker system can produce the sound of a live musical event to an uncanny degree. The VR4 Gen IIIs, have the ability to reveal all the ambiance of the recording venue, in the very well defined acoustic where it was actually performed. It utilizes newly designed "Dual Ring Radiator" tweeter from Vifa, a six-inch midrange from Aerogel and two nine-inch woven carbon fiber woofers in triple-chamber transmission line cabinet and vented with an Venturi Principal front port. The crossover is acoustic fourth order and internal wiring is done by Acoustic Zen mono-crystal speaker cables. Honestly, I have never been so taken with any speaker as I have by Von Schweikerts before. I can truly establish the emotional connection with the music thanks to this speakers.

As a line conditioner I use Monster Cable HTS3000 for now but I am going to change it very soon. I actually got my eye on soon-will-be-released Shunyata Haydra 8 power line conditioner. Other option could be PS Audio P300 and P600.

My system is wired together with Acoustic Zen Hologram II Speaker cables and Synergistic Research Alfa Sterling XLR interconnects with active shielding. But I'm thinking to get Acoustic Zen Silver Reference interconnects to replace Synergistic. I believe it will make more sense to use all Acoustic Zen cables. For power cords I am using Tara Labs RSC Decade or Essence power cords. Krells' power cord is undetechable.

About WAF, I am not married yet but I live with my girl friend who is extremely tolerant and understanding about my passion. That's way WAF factor is something totally unknown to me. But in the future I'd like to have my own dedicated listening room.

Most important thing is of course software. I have 700-750 CD collection and it is growing rapidly. LP playback has never attracted me because of the cost of a decent turntable and also maintenance of LPs.

Well, test CDs is very hard to choose though, but these would be among my basics :

  • Cannonball Adderley with Bill Evans - Know What I mean?
  • Particia Barber - Verse
  • Jeff Hamilton Trio - Live
  • Dave Brubeck Trio & Gerry Mulligan - Live At Berlin Philarmonie
  • Eva Cassidy - Imagine
  • Johannes Brahms - Complete Works For Piano w/ Idil Biret & Polish National Orchestra

System's Components

CD Player:

Wadia 861

Power Amp:

Krell 700cx


Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III Special Edition

Line Conditioner:

Monster Cable

Speaker Cables:

Acoustic Zen Hologram II


Synergistic Research Alfa Sterling

Power Cords:

Tara Labs RSC Decade and Essence


Salamander Equipment Racks
Boltz 1200 CD Rack

Devrim's comments about his system:

AA: "Devrim, how would you describe your system's sound?"

DS: "It's very open, extremely detailed and coherent, correct and articulate solid bass and also has realistically wide and deep soundstage."

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

DS: "Always, Some extra room treatment. Soon I will start building my own tube traps. But I wish I had a larger room."  

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

DS: "Yes, I will upgrade my interconnects and power conditioner."