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Date of "Visit":
23 March 2003

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Electrocompaniet amp

Artex turntable

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Edgar Beers

My name is Edgar. I am 32 years and live in Venlo, the Netherlands. I work as a Project Manager at a large Hi-Tech company and I am an enthousiastic drummer in a rockband.

My interest in audio basically started some 17 years ago when I wanted to have an additional two loudspeakers for my mid-fi Akai system. Surprisingly (to me, at that time) just slapping two wide band drivers in a box didn't yield the desired results. From there on, the quest for better music reproduction started and has never ended. I have explored any link in the audio chain and became fed up with having to listen for "soundstage", "microdetail", "dynamics", "bass" and all that. I just want to enjoy music the best way I can and for that all items must fit in the equation.

For nine years, I have lived happily with a Marantz CD80 player, with an Electrocompaniet EC1 Preampliwire and ditto AW 65 poweramp and a set of Acoustic Energy AE1 monitors. This system played music and had an extremely transparent soundstage and detail, but virtually no bass. Especially at that time, large speakers sounded "large" with huge polycone drivers and muddy midranges and non-transparent soundstages. Only since the mid-nineties, with the introduction of aluminium, ceramic and magnesium drivers I was able to find speakers that had both good bass and a transparent midrange. I think my current speakers stand out in this combination. However, these more revealing speakers made me want to upgrade electronics again. I usually don't change components fast, changes in sound are obvious to me and I know what I like. I therefore have not bought many components that I didn't like. On the other hand, audio stores have a hard time selling to me through nice story's and a listening session alone. Too many people keep searching for new components and hardly find balance in their systems that way.

My current system resides in my living room of about 35 m2. One thing I have always looked for in audio is the reproduction of music itself. If a system doesn't make me want to sit back and be absorbed by what a particular artist wants you to experience, it's a waste of money. I have always been able to pass on the "Audio Virus" to others in my life, so WAF is really not an issue. Perhaps the time I spend on my system and surrounding hobby's is more of a problem than the system's size or influence on the room interior.

DIY has started this hobby, and still is the major factor in my audio life. On one hand it lets you experience the difficulties of making a good audio component, on the other hand it makes you aware of the overload of "should sound better than it looks, costs more than it should" audio components around. I design loudspeakers, though not many. I tend to go a long way before I actually approve on the sound of my own designed loudspeakers. And of course my designs are not done untill they run circles around commercial speakers in the same league.

I don't have a huge CD collection, some 300 CD's and ditto LP's. I try to improve the quality of my collection rather than its volume. There is always a disk that I feel like playing and only very good new releases I will buy. Of course now I wait for SACD releases. I hate jewel cases, so I have my cd's stored in CD carrying cases.... I listen to a wide variety of music ranging from (progressive) rock (20%), Classic (20%), Jazz (40%) and pop (20%).

Over the last years I basically had two tracks that I use for auditioning, because I know them throughout:

- Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush - Don't give up

- David Sylvian - When Poets Dream of Angels

Other than that, any disc has its merits for auditioning.

System's Components


Artex Turntable: Heavily modified Thorens TD160 Super player with SME 3009 arm and Orthofon MC20 MKII Cardridge. Record Interface Mat and Clamp and mains filter.


Philips SACD1000 Player. With current state of affairs in electronics, sacd and modern pick up systems, Philips has made a quantum leap in digital sound reproduction. This player happily replaced my Copland CDA 277 player.


Audiolabor Klar. German engineering at its best. Also a bit of a typical German sound: clean, analytical, dynamic. Dual mono with separate power supply and a very good phono stage. A very good match to my power amp.

Power Amp:

Electrocompaniet AW 250. This is my thirth Electrocompaniet amp. Each time I have tried to get rid of it through comparisons with other brands. Nothing has ever made me want to switch away from Electrocompaniet.


GeerS Audio Provenance. The reference speaker from GeerS Audio, of which I am one of the proud co-founders. One of the few speakers around with a purely puristic approach towards music reproduction. No short-cuts whatsoever. The result is a large speaker, but with a realistic soundstage, detail and dynamics. A very rare combination and while many people expect to be blown away by listening to them due to their size, yet they sound right, not "big".


VdHul MC502, Transparent Musiclink plus and DIY heavily shielded interlinks, DIY silver mains cables, MITerminator II speaker cables, Silver coated/Teflon insulated OFC mains cable from dedicated fusebox to system. The speaker's internal cabling is vdHul CS 122.


GeerS FeeT, Feet of Finance, John Rish Mains filter, comfortable listening chair, a bottle of wine and a good cigar.

Edgar's comments about his system:

AA: "Edgar, how would you describe your system's sound?"

EB: "Music. No seriously, there is no special noticable character except maybe for its bass reproduction. You'll be amazed how much better music sounds with a proper deep low-end without the boom. This is a system that doesn't want you to take notice of anything special, yet leaves nothing out either. That's the way I like it."

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

EB: "Sure. I haven't worked on room acoustics at all because my room is not that problematic, but I am sure there is improvement to be gained. Proper placement of the speakers is critical, which is a pain to do with 175 Kg per loudspeaker. There is still some work in that area too."  

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

EB: "The amps perhaps. I'd like to own a set of Electrocompaniet NEMO power amps, because they really leave the speakers no room for "own interpretations" and still play music. Did I mention I love Electrocompaniet? The SACD1000 could defenitely have a better low end. I will probably have the power supply upgraded, which has proven to be a nice improvement. I will keep playing with cables. There is no doubt about the improvements that may be obtained, the way to do it (DIY or bought) may be another story."