Emre Tekmir's 
Date of Visit:
03 June 2000

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Emre Tekmir

Emre has always been a keen music listener, but he just bought his Hi-End system a year ago. In two months he is going to move to a bigger house (a re-visit is in order), that's why when buying his system he had his future listening room size in mind. He confessed that his present living room is too small (6 x 6 m) for his Revel Salon speakers and that their positioning is not ideal. He also claimed that WAF is not an issue, his wife likes and supports his hobby.

His Mark Levinson 39 directly drives Krell KAS-2 amplifiers and he uses the incorporated volume control of the CD player. During my visit we had the chance to compare this configuration with ARC LS2 MkII preamp (a friend of his had brought for the occasion). I had the impression that the ARC preamp brought more dynamics and body. Without it the tonality was slightly more natural but leaner and duller. So, the addition of a good preamp seems like a worthwhile upgrade.

Emre is a recent member of Istanbul Hi-Fi Club. He basically listens to jazz (95%) and other (5%) music.

The CD's he uses for equipment evaluation purposes are the followings:

  • Patricia Barber / Modern Cool / Prem-741-2
  • Branford Marsalis / Trio Jeepy / CBS 465 134-2
  • Gonzalo Rubalcaba / The Trio / Sometin'else 4944422

System's Components
CD Player: Mark Levinson No.39
Power Amps: Krell KAS-2 mono x 2
Speakers: Revel Salon
Interconnects: Nordost Quatrofil
Speaker Cables:  Nordost SPM Reference
Power Conditioner:  D & B Lab

Emre's comments about his System:

AA: "Emre, how would you describe your system's sound?"
ET: "It is open, has natural tonality, good dynamics and big sound stage."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
ET: "Yes, it could be a little sweeter."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
ET: "I'm planning to buy a preamp, upgrade the digital stage and eventually buy some more powerful amps."