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30 June 2002

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Jason Ang

My love for music and audio dated back in 1992 when I acquired my first car into my teens and started upgrading my in-car audio system. Though I enjoyed my Focal speakers then, I never really appreciated standards and jazz music until a local dealer played Linda Eder with a "high-end" equipment. Then and there I saw the "light" which I'm sure everyone showcased in this website understands. My love for jazz started at that point in time.

WAF is not a problem for me as long as I stay within a set of budget boundaries. My listening area is 6m x 7m, unfortunately this is my master bedroom therefore my equipments are restricted within a confined space within the room. The room is trapezoidal in shape therefore it is fairly reasonable sounding. Standing waves are well managed, the room reacts to frequencies 22hz, 60hz and 120hz therefore to avoid acoustic bass resonances, I chose a good quality "bookshelf" speaker. The Guarneri's are a good looking furniture when not in use and a fine sounding speaker when played, what more can one ask?

In my continuous search for audio heaven, my main objectives in music reproduction has been timbre accuracy, musicality, sweetness, involvement and emotion. This is the main reason I chose Jadis tube gear. There are many other objectives as an audiophile but through my endless listening sessions, I have so far never heard a "perfect" system where there are no compromises whatsoever, that's when my main objectives was applied in setting up my system.

I listen to 25% standards, 50% jazz, 15% classical/chamber/choir and 10% ambience/vocal pop.

Some test CD's I use for evaluating a system:

- Linda Eder, "And so much more" (transparency and vocal clarity)
- Patricia Barber, "Cafe Blue" (detail, dynamics and excitement)
- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, "Summer Time" 32 bit HRCD (involvement, emotion and musicality)
- Jennifer Warnes, "The Hunter" (transparency, dynamics and bass)
- Alanis Morissette, "MTV unplugged" (soundstage, emotion, clarity and transparency)
- Jacintha, "Autumn Leaves" XRCD (involvement, imaging and sonic picture)

System's Components

CD player:

Denon DCD-1015G


Jadis DPL2

Power Amp:

Jadis DA8


Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage

Speaker Cables:

Transparent Wave Plus


Transparent Link Super, Transparent Link Plus

Line Conditioner:

Chang Lightspeed CLS6400

Jason's comments about his System:

AA: "Jason, how would you describe your system's sound?"

JA: "My system's sound is sweet, warm, emotionally involving and timbre correct (the artist is in the room and the instruments especially violins are easily distinguishable between makes). These are the main qualities it excels in, in terms of transparency, neutrality and bass, I have heard better sounding systems in those areas! :)"

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

JA: "I believe there is definitely room for improvement but it all boils down to how much im prepared to spend and how big of an improvement it can achieve at what price?"  

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

JA: "Im planning to upgrade my CD player in the next few months which is a must. The CD player is the weakest link so far. Apart from that, maybe room treatment and then I can be a very happy audiophile for a while. :)"