Kenan Onuk's 
Date of Visit:
23 June 2001

the system

Jadis electronics

futuristic looking Cabasse

impressive CD collection

his TV show


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Kenan Onuk

I knew Kenan Onuk from his TV show called "90 Dakika" (90 Minutes). It's a program about football (or should I say soccer) where Kenan and his two permanent guests (Hincal Uluc and Hasmet Babaoglu)  debate the latest football events, every Monday night between 21:00 - 22:00 @ NTV (see the bottom picture). 

Two weeks ago my friend Haluk Ozumerzifon called and informed me about Kenan Onuk's passion for our common hobby. Of course I immediately got in contact with him and.... here we are at a new very interesting visit.

Kenan's visually (and of course sonically) attractive system occupies one of the best corners of his main living room. He has given good care to the visual details: the custom made rack system has the same plating as the Jadis electronics and the whole has a very appealing look. I thought to myself that even the least tolerant wives could be charmed by such a good looking system, but I still was curious to know about the WAF issue. Kenan told me that he has been into this hobby since 1990 and when he met his wife his present system was already in place. "So, she had to accept it as an integral part of my being" he said. Well this is an excellent tactic especially for all young hobbyist: buy your system first, then try to meet your future spouse :-)

I was also very impressed by Kenan's CD collection which had more than 4000 CD's (see picture). He listens to classical (45%), jazz (50%), and rock oldies from the 1960's (5%).

Kenan is not yet a member of Istanbul Hi-Fi Club but will join very soon. 

The CD's he uses for equipment evaluation purposes are the following:

  • Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton / Verve 537062-2
  • Hank Jones / Lazy Afternoon / Concord CCD-4391
  • Rosemary Clooney / Sings the Music of Irving Berlin / Concord CCD-4255
  • Tchaikovsky / Violin Concerto / Vengerov, BPO, Abbado / Teldec 4509-90661-2

System's Components

CD Transport:

Jadis JD1 Drive

D/A Converter:

Jadis JS1 Mk II


Jadis JPS 2

Power Amps:

Jadis JA-80 (2 x mono)


Cabasse Adriatis 600 Evolution


Van den Hul Silver

Digital Cable:

Synergistic Designer's Reference

Speaker Cables: 

Van den Hul SCS 2

Power Cables:

Synergistic A/C Master Coupler

Kenan's comments about his System:

AA: "Kenan, how would you describe your system's sound?"

KO: "It is natural, has body and a big stage"

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

KO: "Yes, I think I could have a slightly looser bass. The bass seem to be a little too tight for the time being. And the mid range could have some more articulation and resolution. I think that once the break-in of the speakers is complete, the above issues will be automatically solved. Otherwise I will have to play with room acoustics."

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

KO: "No, not at the moment."