Mike Pageau's
Date of "Visit":
02 January 2001

system - front view

system - top view

Blue Circle amp

Denon CD player

Blue Circle speaker cables

BC84 line conditioner


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Mike Pageau


As I approach my 50th birthday and 30 years into my favorite hobby, I am still in awe and humbled by the diversity of other audiophiles and music lovers showcased on this web site.

I started with my first college dorm system, an early 70s Sansui Quadrophonic receiver mated to a Dual turntable shod with a Shure cartridge. Then discovered hi-end audio in 1976 with my Luxman M2000 amp and C1000 pre-amp.

Having an engineering background, I first discovered bi-amplification before it became de-rigueur. In 1979, I was able to tool an adapter through my Infinity Quantum 3's fuse holder and feed a Phase Linear amplifier (A Bob Carver design) to the woofer with my Luxman driving the upper register. People around me thought I was strange... especially when I started rolling my own cables. But that's another story.

Then I really went stupid. Having more money than brains at the time, I started a "collection" of audio gear: multiple racks of enhancers, click and pop devices, the entire DBX collection, reverberation, synthesizers, multiple turntables, tri-amplification, cassette decks and reel to reel's with enough cables to hang me from the moon.

Now, being more mature (!) and having realized that my ears are no longer 20Hz-20KHz, I revel in my simple, albeit customized system. My main music interests are Jazz (60%), World (20%) and New Age (20%).

Having been married to a wonderful wife for the past 28 years, WAF was never a factor.

System's Components
CD Player: Denon S10 with modified variable balanced outputs. The voltage attenuation is accessible via the remote. 
Amplifier: Blue Circle BC22, 125W/Ch. Fully balanced. Cardas wiring and binding posts.
Speakers: Newform Research Module 30 and subwoofer.
Interconnects: Cardas Hexlink Golden XLR termination.
Speaker Cables: Blue Circle BC92.  Cardas terminations.
Speaker Cones: Black Diamond Racing
Line Conditioner: BC84 with Hubbell duplex.
CD Table: Sand filled Archidee TNX with Target spikes.
Amp Stand: DIY Twin layer MDF/ German Acoustics cones/ Granite. (120lbs)
Acoustic Panels: RPG ProFoam panels
Electrical: Custom dedicated 30amp service. 

Room: Poured concrete floor. Berber carpet over  3/4 inch premium underlay . Cinder block walls. Corning in-wall sound insulation.

Dimensions: Best described as an equidistant fat L shape. The speakers located 8ft from the corner, see a 30ft wide soundstage. There are no parallel walls. Sweet spot located in a near field of 10ft.

Music collection: Over 1000 CD's

Favorite Jazz selections. The entire discography of:

1. Diana Krall
2. Holy Cole
3. Patricia Barber
4. Diane Schuur
5. Carol Sloan
6. Mary Stallings
7. Cassandra Wilson
8. Teri Thornton
9. Claire Martin
10. Christy Baron
11. Molly Johnson
12. Rachelle Ferrell
13. Rosemary Clooney
14. Lisa Ekdahl

Favorite World selections. The entire discography of:

1. Susana Baca
2. Pablo Ziegler
3. Robert Michaels
4. Jesse Cook
5. Oscar Lopez
6. Paquito D'Rivera
7. Oscar Castro-Neves
8. Rebecca Pidgeon
9. Connie Dover
10. Mary Black
11. Lena Willemark- Frifot

Mike's comments about his System:

AA: "Mike, how would you describe your system's sound?"

MP: "Well, I would describe it as being in scale with my music taste. Since I cannot reproduce faithfully large orchestral movements or rock concerts levels due to simple room physics and the accompanying acoustic nightmares, I confine my listening to performances that can be enjoyed at more moderate levels. I prefer quality over quantity." 

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

MP: "There is always room. However I don't loose sleep over it. This is only a hobby after all."

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

MP: "I would like to change the 5in. Peerless midrange for the new ScanSpeak 15W."