Cuneyt Genc's Ocellia Kedros Speakers

14 october 2000

Ocellia Kedros speakers

minimalist electronics

In a month or two Cuneyt Genc is going to move to his new house where he will have a dedicated listening room. He says that his new listening room will be smaller than his present living room hosting his "not-so-tiny" Cabasse speakers. So he decides to switch to a Single Ended Triode amplifier based system to appreciate refinement rather than size. He first orders the Ocellia Kedros speakers (you may find some more information in my London 2000 Show Report). With their 98 dB sensitivity and their 15 ohm impedance they seem to be ideal candidates to mate a (8 to 25W) SE amp.

Cuneyt has not moved yet and has not made his mind up about the brand and the model of his future SE amp. Therefore his new speakers placed next to his previous ones are driven by a cigarette pack size (!) 47 Lab Gain Card (a 25W Integrated amp) which has a separate cylindrical power supply unit. The digital front end consists of Teac P700 CD Transport and the marvelous Bel Canto DAC-1.

My London Show impressions were reconfirmed: although it was unjust and not so easy to judge a system under these not-so-favorable conditions, I once again noticed that Ocellia Kedros were very musical indeed. I'm sure they will benefit a great deal from a good Single Ended Triode power amplifier.

I'm glad to see that, although in small numbers, some of my audiophile friends are now moving towards SE systems. I look forward to hearing Cuneyt's future system in his new house. A third visit is in order.