Sinan Ustunkal's 
Date of Visit:
21 August 1999

8 April 2000

the system

the electronics

divorce is expected!

CD drawers

"Impromptu Audiophile"


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Sinan Ustunkal

Sinan is single and this easily explains the very comfortable and serene look of a pair of Dunlavy SC4 sitting in his main (5 x 8 m.) living room. Sinan and Dunlavy are on the verge of a divorce (see his comments at the bottom), and I think the picture (third from the top) reflects the tension between the two!

Sinan is an interior designer and also designs and builds wooden furniture. One of his creations interests us more than anybody else: CD storage drawers. My friends Aydin Esen (visit also his new site), Mert Aybek, Haluk Ozumerzifon and Osman Tumay all use his CD drawers.

Painting is another hobby of Sinan. One of his paintings occupies the background of his portrait (top). As his forced smile gives away, my visit took place took place only five days after the terrible earthquake.

Aydin Esen accompanied me during my visit. We asked him to write a small piece of music as a souvenir of the day. He did not refuse us (bottom picture). We called it: "Impromptu Audiophile".

Sinan is a member of Istanbul Hi-Fi Club and listens to contemporary classical (80%) and rock and jazz (20%). The CD's he is using for evaluation purposes are the followings:

  • Best of Chesky Vol.2 / Chesky JD 68
  • Audiophile Classics from Divox / LC 01851
  • XLO Reference Recordings / RX 1000

System's Components
Turntable: Rega Planar
Arm: Rega
Cartridge: Shure V15 VxMR
CD Transport: Sonic Frontiers SFT1
D/A Converter: Sonic Frontiers SFD2 Mk.2
Line Preamp: Sonic Frontiers Line 3
Phono Preamp: Sonic Frontiers
Jitter Unit: Genesis Digital Lens
Power Amp: Krell FPB 250 mono x 2
Speakers: Dunlavy SC4
Interconnects: Transparent Ultra XL 
Digital Cables: MIT Proline
Speaker Cables:  Transparent Reference 

Sinan's comments about his System:

AA: "Sinan, how would you describe your system's sound?"
SU: "It is natural and has good balance."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
SU: "Yes, I need some more bass extension."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
SU: "Yes, the speakers. I will most probably buy Revel Ultima Salon speakers."

the new system

the electronics


the room

Re-Visit Notes (8 April 2000)

If you just read above Sinan's last answer regarding his "upgrading plans", you may notice that, in August last year, he had the intention of changing his speakers. Well, he did that and he also did some more drastic changes: he renewed most other components of his system and very recently moved to a new flat.

With the exception of CD Transport, DAC, Digital Lens, Power Amps and the speaker cables all remaining components are new and I will list only the renewed ones below:
Turntable: Pro-Ject Perspective
Arm: Van den Hul
Cartridge: Benz Micro Ruby 2H
Phono Preamp: ARC PH3
Line Preamp: ARC Ref. 1
Speakers: EgglestoneWorks Andra
Interconnects: Transparent Reference XL, Ultra
Digital Cables: Transparent Reference
Phono Cable: Transparent Reference
Accessories: Audio Power 215 Power Conditioner

The superb looking rack carrying all these new electronics is designed and built by Sinan. The turntable sits on a suspension plate which is an integral part of this rack. 

When I first entered Sinan's new listening room with its inclined ceilings (see the bottom picture), I had the impression that its acoustics were too "live". The music was not yet on but the reverberation of my own voice was proof enough. I was expecting to hear an overly bright sound but I was wrong: the sound was very musical and untiring with a very acceptable balance from top to bottom. But I was still thinking that the room needed some dampening. We placed a small size rug on the floor between the sofa and the electronics. Even this small addition made a considerable improvement. Sinan is now planning to partly cover the ceiling with absorbing material. I'm sure the result will be great when the room is properly treated. But even in its present condition the sound is very good.

Well done Sinan. Happy listening!