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Date of "Visit":
03 February 2002

09 February 2003

the system

Denon CD player

Copland amps

Systemdek turntable


room layout



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Stefan Bystedt

I live in Gothenburg on "the sunny side" of Sweden. I have always had a big interest in music but my hifi systems have been of the "budget standard" type. After I finished my studies in 1996 my interest in hifi has grown and I have changed systems a couple of times the last 6 years. Equipment that has passed through my listening room has been Monitor Audio MAG 903, Diva 5.1, Thiel CS1.2, Acoustic Energy AE520, Marantz Cd67-se, Harman Kardon HD 760, Primare A20 MkII, Thule PR150B, Rotel RB991, and more…..

For a couple of months ago I came across the amplifiers of my dreams, the Copland CSA 303 tube-hybrid preamp and the Copland CTA 505 tube poweramp. This amp combination is extremely well built, good looking and off course, good sounding.

Another big interest is hifi tweaking, to improve my system without spending too much money. I have for example changed the op amps in my Denon DCD-1650AR CD player and I am also going to build and change the clock. I use SoundCare SuperSpikes under the speakers and soft SD-feet under the electronics. One negative effect when upgrading the hifi system to better and more expensive components is that there is less room for tweaks.

Finally some words about my speakers. I have owned some quite good speakers like the Thiel, MA and AE but my current speakers are definitely playing in a higher league. The best part is that I have built them myself and that the materialcost for building them are half the price of the Acoustic Energy or the Thiel speakers. The speakers are a clone of the ProAc Response 2.5 and I have named them after my favourite mountain in Arjeplog where I originally come from. I have named them "AKKELIS". The clones have the same Scanspeak tweeter and woofer, the same material and dimensions of the box, and the same crossover, but with better components, as the original ProAcs.

My listening room is about 600 x 400 cm, 270 cm high, with stonewalls and woodenfloor. It is causing me some problems with the bass. These problems could maybe be solved but it would probably bee to the cost off the WAF factor….

I listen to most kinds of music except for classical music and hip-hop. I would think that I play 40% jazz, 30 % Soul/R´n´B, 10% folk, 10% rock/blues and 10% metal.

When evaluating hifi systems I usually bring 6 cd,s:

  • Diana Krall - Love scenes - Jazz
  • Lisa Ekdahl - Back to earth - Jazz
  • Erykah Badu - Baduizm - Soul/R´n´B
  • Lars Demian - Lycka till - Folk
  • Svante Thuresson - Jag är hipp baby - Jazz/rock
  • Sophie Zelmani - Time to kill - pop/folk/soul

System's Components


Systemdek II with Manticore PSU, SME 3009/S2 and Denon DL160

CD Player:

Denon DCD-1650AR

Phono Preamp:

Copland CSA 303

Power amp:

Copland CTA 505



Speaker cables:

MIT T2 - Biwire



Power Cord:

JPC 2.5

Stefan's comments about his System:

AA: "Stefan, how would you describe your system's sound?"

SB: "The sound is very musical with good bass, a big soundstage and with a quite high level of details." 

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

SB: "There is always room for improvement. My amplifiers are so good that I will stick with them for a long time. I have a new set of tubes for them and I am curious about if a change would improve the sound. The best improvement would probably be to do something about my room, I think that my hifi only plays at 70% of its capacity for the moment, due to my room limitations." 

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

SB: "I am planning to change the tubes in my amps, I am also going to upgrade the CD clock. I have recently ordered graphite dampers for my speakers and electronics. I am also thinking about building new and more exclusive speakers, but not in the near future." 

new system






"Re-Visit" Notes (09 February 2003)

Since last year I have made some upgrades on my system. I have a new CD player, a new preamp, new cables, new speakers, new tubes, some tweaks and last but not least, I have rearranged my room.

All these upgrades have improved my sound and I am very happy with it for the moment. The room is still causing me some trouble in the bass area, but I can live with that. I don't really know what the next upgrade would be. There is no obvious weak link that I can identify. Some small tweaks on the CD player and the amps are planed, but nothing else for the moment.

I have noticed that a lot of "high end" hifi people have cats. I don't understand how that improves the sound, but I couldn't risk not trying this tweak. Therefore me and my fiancé now have a cat named Sarvas.

New System's Components:


Thorens TD 316

CD Player:

Copland CDA 288K


Copland CSA 303 MkII (with remote)

Power amp:

Copland CTA 505


GALTIS - DIY Speakers (my own construction)

Speaker cables:

Nordost Red Dawn - Biwire

Nordost Red Dawn - Biwire

Nordost Red Dawn & SILK

Power Cord:

JPC 2.5


SHAKTI Stone, Soundcare SuperSpikes, SD-feet. Bullet plugs and of course Sarvas, the cat.