Pierre Keler's
Date of "Visit":
23 January 2012


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CDP & power amp

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Pierre Keler

45 years old, I am living in France, Versailles. My interest for hifi began 10 years ago when I discovered that there is another way to hear music than through Denon price budget system. My first system was a debut Rega elements (Rega Mira integrated Rega Apollo and Planar 3 turntable). Then I could not stop upgrading: perhaps 15 times to today.

My system is:

amps-preamps: Naim 250.2 amp and Ear 912 control centre (with high end inside phonostage)
sources: Sme20.2a Sme5 turntable tonearm with Lyra Delos cartridge- Naim cdx2 xps2 powerline CD player with marigo labs signature mat
speakers: Apertura Altra with modified base
tweaks: Finite Element Cerapucks under speakers and amps, cd player, granite base under turntable, auditorium 23 interconnects. Granite and wood base under speakers.

room size: 20m2 around and 2.5 high. wood floor.

my cds and lps: 200 cds and 600 lps.

music: 2\3 jazz and 1\4 pop rock and 1\4 soul funk 70s

favorite albums: herbie hancock man child, miles davis decoy, live john scofield with medeski brothers,patricia barber and cassandra wilson, joe henderson canyon lady, isaac hayes live at the tahoe....

Pierre's comments about his system:

AA: "So, Pierre, how would you describe your system's sound?"

PK: "I will say that the sound must have 3 important caracteristics: must be dynamic, must be true in tones and timbres, and have a good 3D spatiality. Then the sound must be well balanced... I have naim electronics which are very good in timing ,prat and dynamic (with good sources). The ear preamp give tonality and timbre richness... I think my system give me a lot of that...."

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

PK: "Yes, always... My next upgrades will be better power cables, symposium shelves under speakers and better hp cables. One day a better amp, cartridge and psu (555) for the cdx2...."

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

PK: "In 3 or 4 years I will upgrade for a better amp: a used lamm ml2 or a naim nap 300, I don't know yet... An auditorium 23 hommage transformer, an air tight cartridge, a better rack, better speakers and a digital server... All my life I think I will be upgrading: it is my pleasure and my disease..."