Aydin Yazici's 
Date of Visit:
12 June 1999

4 March 2000

the System

Monitor Audio Studio 60

VPI Aries


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Aydin Yazici


Aydin told me that his father was a very serious music listener with an important collection, but he did not have a particular interest in Hi-Fi, probably because of import limitations of his time.  Aydin claims that he has surpassed his father as a collectioner and as a listener. In fact he's got 4000 LP's and 2000 CD's. 

Aydin is a relatively new comer to Hi-End audio, he acquired his system six months ago. He does not consider Hi-Fi as his hobby but as a good mean to appreciate his records. His wife Ursula is very tolerant about  Aydin's system, "as long as he is happy, it's fine with me" she says. We must all thank Ursula for this exemplary attitude.

Aydin is not yet a member of Istanbul Hi Fi Club but will join soon. He listens to jazz (60%) and classical (40%) music.

System's Components
Turntable: VPI Aries
Arm: VPI JMW Memorial
Cartridge: Benz Micro Ruby
CD Player: Classe CDP 3
Line Preamp: Sonic Frontiers Line 3
Phono Preamp: Sonic Frontiers SFP-1
Power Amp: Sonic Frontiers Power 2
Speakers: Monitor Audio Studio 60
Interconnects: Audioquest Lapis
Speaker Cables:  Transparent Music Link Super 

Aydin's comments about his System:

AA: "Aydin, how would you describe your system's sound?"
AY: "Natural, detailed, with good sound stage."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
AY: "I would wish to have a little more transparency."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
AY: "I may upgrade the phono preamp. Also I'm willing to try some power cords."


the new system

the electronics

Re-Visit Notes (4 March 2000)

Aydin is not the type of audiophile who makes frequent changes to his system. He prefers to concentrate on listening to his enormous collection of LP's and CD's rather than being in constant search of an ideal sound. Still, when he heard the ProAc 3.5 speakers brought to him for home auditioning, he immediately fell in love and decided to replace his Monitor Audio Studio 60's. 

He made two more changes: he replaced his Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 phono preamp by ARC PH3 SE phono preamp and added the Audio Agile power cords (see his last answer to the interview questions of my previous visit).

I found that there was a big progress in the area of neutrality. The mids were very natural and detailed, the bass very firm. In general the sound was free from any kind of edginess and/or harshness. I still felt that there was more potential in the sound which could be explored by playing with speaker positioning.

Well done Aydin, happy listening!