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Date of Visit:
19 June 1999

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Erol Erkmen


Erol has been in Hi-Fi since 1968. Discovering soon enough that  good results are not necessarily dependent on the money spent, he explored various cables, tweaks and room acoustics. He concluded that the first priority should be given to A/C mains. He goes as far as to claim that it is meaningless to be involved in this hobby without correcting the A/C mains. He explains in detail all the necessary actions for a successful result in his recently launched web page called nonameHiFi. I suggest that everyone who can read and understand Turkish should visit this very interesting site.

Erol's system occupies a considerable space in his main living room since the Quad ESL-63 speakers are at least 2m away from the back wall. All surrounding walls are covered  with a special wall paper like fibrous absorbing (mostly effective between 3-6 kHz) material which he imported from Switzerland.  Having used the same legendary Quad speakers for ten years I can easily state that the result Erol is getting out of them is amazing, especially in the low frequencies which are deep and very controlled. Erol is married but claims that his household is totally  WAF free. Erol also says that he is married to the Quads, whatever he will do with his system will be with them.

Like most audiophiles Erol has a cat. It's a beautiful Siamese called Ramses. He also has a chatterbox gray parrot who vocalizes several statements but not yet the "Ode to Joy".

Erol is one of the  fifteen founders of Istanbul Hi-Fi Club. He listens to classical (99%) and other musics (1%).

System's Components

CD Transport:

Teac VRDS T1

D/A Converter:

Teac D-T1

Line Preamp:


Power Amp:

Krell KSA 100


Quad ESL-63


Van den Hull MC Gold, KImber KCAG

Digital Cable:


Speaker Cables: 

Van den Hull SCS 6

Power Cables:

DIY using Audioquest cables

Erol's comments about his System:

AA: "Erol, how would you describe your system's sound?"
EE: "Colorless, accurate and in other words 'monitor like'."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
EE: "No, not at present."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
EE: "I'm willing to upgrade the digital section but don't know yet what to buy. Whatever upgrade I will make will be based on Quads."