Cuneyt Borcbakan's 
Date of Visit:
17 April 1999

6 November 1999

the system

Krell KPS 25 sc

the listening room

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Cuneyt Borcbakan

Cuneyt is one of the very rare (if not unique) audiophiles who owns a listening house! It was five years ago when he learned that the adjacent house was for sale. "What a fantastic opportunity to have a place for only  my hobby which would be 100% WAF free" he first dreamt and soon realized it. 

He consulted the acoustic experts Sazi and Osman Sirel (presently iHiFi members) who have treated the room with specialy made acoustic suspended ceiling for best results.

Cuneyt's system is very minimalist: Krell's recent and reference quality CD Player - Preamplifier combination (KPS 25 sc) plays a major role for this simplicity. Two mono 75 W solid state Single Ended (Pass Aleph 0) amplifiers are driving the Wilson's.

During my visit we compared his two different speaker cables: AudioTruth Dragon and Van den Hul Revelation. Although Dragon has a tighter bass we decided that the Revelation with their smoother and more natural mids is a better match.

Cuneyt is the General Secretary (1998/99) of Istanbul Hi Fi Club, he mostly listens to classical (90%) and jazz / pop (10%) music.

System's Components
CD Player / Preamp: Krell KPS 25 sc
Power Amps: Pass Aleph 0 (mono)
Speakers: Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1
Interconnects: Kimber KCAG
Speaker Cables: Van den Hul - Revelation

Cuneyt's comments about his System:

AA: "Cuneyt, how would you describe your system's sound?"
CB: "Open, detailed, with good stage and focus. I find it very suitable to chamber music and vocals."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
CB: "I would wish to have a little more warmth"
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
CB: "Yes, for the warmth I'm looking for, I'm planning to try few tube amps, possibly ARC and Conrad Johnson."

the new system

Wilson Watt / Puppy 6

Krell FPB 600C

Re-Visit Notes (6 November 1999)

Although it may not look like it from the pictures, Cuneyt made major changes to his system (always in the same minimalist approach).

Speakers are the new Wilson Watt / Puppy 6's. Compared with his earlier Watt / Puppy 5's the 6's bass unit (Puppy) has a bigger volume and the mid / tweeter unit (Watt) has a re-designed crossover and an adjustable rake angle feature.

The new power amplifier is the Krell FPB 600C ("C" stands for 'Cast': Current Audio Signal Transmission). 

The only unchanged component is Krell KPS 25 sc CD Player / Preamp combination unit. The connection with the power amp is made through the "CAST" output with a special "CAST" cable.

Cuneyt also added some accessories like Audio Power "Power Wedge" mains filter unit, Synergestic Research "Designer's Reference" mains cable and polycristal cones (under Krell power amp).

The speakers had only 50 hours burn-in time, but still I noticed important improvements in the bass extension and presence, together with a better tonality of the mids. The sound stage seemed bigger and deeper. The Wilson 6 is definitely a better balanced speaker than its predecessor. 

We also tried three different speaker cables:

  • Synergestic Research "Designer's Reference" (which had a good bass definition but a little lean and edgy on the mids and treble).
  • Transparent Reference XL (blurry bass combined with sweet mids).
  • Van den Hul 'Revelation' (more polished and alive than the Transparent but its bass was not to the standard of Synergestic).

None of these cables seemed to be an ideal match for the system, Cuneyt will continue his research.

Worthwhile changes which will get even better in three months time (after proper burn-in), congratulations Cuneyt and happy listening!