Mufit Olcar's 
Date of Visit:
3 April 1999

the system

the electronics

the master and the slave

You would normally think that these wonderful and huge B&W Matrix 800 speakers with their "totem pole" look would have extremely low WAF and you would be right in most cases. Mufit Olcar is very lucky in this respect: his wife who plays the violin and sings in the chorus, equally enjoys his system, especially when baroque music is played.

Mufit values bass quality and rendition more than any other characteristic and for this purpose drives the low frequencies with a stereo Krell FBP 600 amp while the mids and tweeters are driven with two mono ARC Reference 600 power amps. Although there is no external crossover the system sounded very balanced from top to bottom. Mufit thinks that power is the key element for good sound ("more is better" he says). We also noticed that the Shakti Stone placement on top of the Wadia D/A converter makes the mids fuller: a valuable tweak!

Mufit is Istanbul Hi Fi Club's member. He listens to classical (50%) and jazz (50%) music.

System's Components
CD Transport: Sony CDP 557
D/A Converter:  Wadia 25
Line Preamp: ARC Reference 1
Power Amps: 2 x ARC Reference 600 mono's + 1 x Krell FBP600
Speakers: B&W Mtrix 800
Interconnects: Transparent Ultra, XLO 2.1
Digital Cable: Siltech digital
Speaker Cables:  XLO 5.1

Mufit's comments about his System:

AA: "Mufit, how would you describe your system's sound?"
MO: "It has big sound stage, good focus, good bass definition and natural tonality."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
MO: "Yes, I would want to add more detail to the mids and more volume to the low frequencies."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
MO: "Yes, I'm planning to change the interconnects to Transparent Reference and the speaker cables (for mids and tweeters only) to Transparent Reference also. At a later stage I'm thinking of upgrading the low frequencies' amp to Krell 650 mono's and adding an active crossover."