Savas Arihan's 
Date of Visit:
27 March 1999

system #1

rack #1

system #2

Fox ME-30 amps

Cabasse Pacific

Savas is a man of abundance: two systems in one living room, and he is getting ready to marry his third wife on 23 April 1999 (no, no, he's divorced with the first two!). I wish the new couple much happiness. Only a bachelor can afford two systems in the main living room but Savas courageously fought and won!? As he is already sharing his flat with his wife to be, he seems very optimistic about the future status of  Hi Fi dominance. Good luck Savas!

The two systems are placed on two adjacent corners so that they fire with 90 degrees angle. In fact this positioning detail has little importance as they never play together. I'm just trying to make you visualize the room as the pictures are not so clear about it. Savas mostly listens to his System #1 although he prefers the more detailed and alive sound of his System #2 (see: "Psycho Acoustics and Paradoxes" chapter 32). The two mono power amps (FOX ME-30) of the System #2  are locally designed and built by Mr. Mustafa Eroglu. They feature two 6CA7 output tubes in push-pull configuration.

Savas is an amateur musician: he plays bass guitar and acoustic bass with a group called Lotus. They play rock music from the late sixties. Savas is one of the fifteen founding members of Istanbul Hi Fi Club, he listens to blues (40%) and soul & jazz (60%).

System #1's Components
Turntable: Linn Sondek LP12
Arm: Hand made special design - USA
Cartridge: Denon DL 110
CD Player: Roksan DP1
Preamp:  Classe Audio DR-6
Power Amps: Gryphon DM100
Speakers: Magnepan MG20
Interconnects: Cardas Gold
Speaker Cables:  Cardas Gold

System #2's Components
CD Player: Micromega Stage 3
Preamp:  Meridien 201
Power Amps: FOX ME-30 mono
Speakers: Cabasse Pacific
Active Sub woofer:  Muse model 18
Electronic crossover:  Muse tuned for Cabasse Pacific
Interconnects: XLO Signature, Kimber PSJ
Speaker Cables:  Nordhost 1

Savas's comments about his Systems:

AA: "Savas, how would you describe your systems' sounds?"
SA: "My system #1 has a bigger and warmer sound which gives me the feeling of a big concert hall, whereas the system #2 is more analytical and has the sound of a small jazz club."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
SA: "On system #1 I would wish to have a more dynamic sound with more detail. I don't think I can improve the sound of my system #2."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
SA: "I'm willing to replace the preamp of my system #1 with a tube one (possibly a ARC Ref 1) and thus move the Classe preamp to system #2."