Kamil Sukun's 
Date of Visit:
20 February 1999

the System

D&B power amps

Kef 105/3

the view

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Kamil Sukun

"No, no, no, Istanbul Hi Fi Club was conceived and founded on the fifteenth of February 1995 by fifteen founding members, not by me alone." protests Kamil, as always very modestly. On paper he may be right but the truth is that it was his own idea which he had shared with his close friend Osman Tumay. He was the one who thought about such a Club and who pressed the "start" button. On behalf of nearly 100 members today, I would like to thank Kamil one more time for his excellent idea and initiative. Not only have we developed a platform to share our hobby, but met many good friends. Kamil is the first President (1995) of Istanbul Hi Fi Club.

Kamil's system sits in his main living room with an exquisite view of the Bosphorus. The picture on the bottom left  reflects only a small portion of  his view as my camera's wide angle is limited to 37 mm. He  uses four D&B Lab mono Turkish made tube power amplifiers designed and built by Deger Terem. Each pair  drives Kef 105/3 speakers in bi-amp configuration. Kamil modified the speaker cables (Audioquest Cobalt Series 2) used for low frequencies in order to obtain his desired bass definition.

In the usual format of "My Friends' System" I don't normally mention any occupations outside of our hobby. But in the case of Kamil I think I can make an exception as his occupations have public appeal and web sites.

VizonShow is an Istanbul tradition which repeats every six months presenting the trends and fashion of current season to an audience of approximately 5000 guests in three days with 7 performances. The program consists of locally popular fashion houses, young designers and an internationally praised guest of honor. It is a reference standard and has presented almost all of the fashion history of the country since 1979.

Who is Who in Turkey is published by Profesyonel Ltd. since 1985. Contemporary correspondence methods made it possible to include more than 15000 personally edited biographies of community leaders to it's current edition.

Profesyonel Ltd acts as a boutique advertising agency and provides consultancy, production and direct mailing services as well as tailor made conceptualization and realization of public events. M&K signed Web site design and maintenance is a new addition to it's wide range of activities. M&K is a company founded by Kamil and his son Mehmet.

I strongly encourage you to visit the above sites, particularly VIZONSHOW which is superbly designed and constructed by Kamil. He and his son Mehmet gave me my first lessons on web site construction.  I still continue to consult them. Thanks to them you can all view these pages.

Kamil listens to classical (60%), jazz (35%) and to rock / pop (5%).

System's Components
CD Player Quad CD-77
Preamp: Quad 77
Power Amps: D&B Lab x 4 (mono bi-amps) 
Speakers: Kef 105/3 (with Kube 200)
Interconnects: MIT MI330 CV Terminator Series 2, MIT MI 330 Tube Terminator Series 2, Monster Cable Interlink Reference 2
Speaker Cables:  MIT MH 750 Tube Terminator Series 2, Audioquest Cobalt (modified by Kamil)

Kamil's comments about his System:

AA: "Kamil, how would you describe your system's sound?"
KS: "It  has an untiring, refined and natural sound. I also like its low volume accuracy."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
KS: "I would want tighter bass and a little more articulation."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
KS: "Yes, I'm planning to add an A/C conditioner as my sound quality is very much dependent of the time of the day. Also, I would like to upgrade my CD player to Proceed for more drier and detailed sound, and finally upgrade my low frequency speaker cable to get a more controlled bass."