Adnan Salihoglu's 
Date of Visit:
13 February 1999

09 July 2000

Third Visit:
11 August 2002

the System

the rack

Sound Lab A1

topless ARC Ref. 600

Clearaudio Master Reference


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Adnan Salihoglu

Adnan Salihoglu is a close follower of novelties in the Hi Fi world. He is not the kind of person who sticks to only one system, but  likes changing components and even systems frequently. Thanks to him many other audiophiles are exposed to different Hi End systems without having to go to dealers or traveling to shows.

Adnan's impressive system's most striking components are the Sound Lab A1 (full range electrostatic) speakers which are specially rewired by his close friend Peter Evans and the 600W tube power ARC Reference 600's.

Adnan is married (no, I'm not joking!), is one of the board members (1998/99) of Istanbul Hi Fi Club, prefers and listens to LP's (70%), listens to jazz (70%) and classical (30%) music.

System's Components


Clearaudio Master Reference


Clearaudio Master Reference


Clearaudio Insider

Turntable speed regulator: 

Clearaudio Accurate Power

CD Transport:

Mark Levinson 31.5

D/D Converter (16/44 to 24/96): 

DCS 972

D/A Converter:

Mark Levinson 360 S

Phono Preamp:

Jeff Rowland Cadence

Line Preamp:

Jeff Rowland Coherence

Power Amps:

ARC Reference 600


Sound Lab A1 (with "Ultimate 1" back plates)

Digital Cables:

XLO Limited Edition


Fadel Art Reference 1

Phono Cable:

Clearaudio Master Reference

Speaker Cables: 

Fadel Art Gold Line

A/C Cables:

Fadel Art

A/C Filters: 

Bybee Quantum Charger (for each component)


Vibraplane (for turntable), Shun Mook Giant (for ARC 600), VPI 17 (LP cleaner)

Adnan's comments about his System:

AA: "Adnan, how would you describe your system's sound?"
AS: "Big sound stage, transparent, natural and detailed."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
AS: "I would like to add very little triode like warmth and sweetness. I think I will be able to get it by upgrading ARC Reference 600's to their Mk.II version."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
AS: "Yes, as I mentioned above ARC Ref. 600's to Mk.II, Fadel Art Ref. 1 to Ref. 2, Digital XLO Limited Edition to Cardas Golden Reference."



side view

back view

like real cobras

Komuro 845 PP

Burmester transport

very neat and well finished dual mono configuration
of Callisto preamp

the famous Amati


Re-Visit Notes (9 July 2000)

A year ago Adnan Salihoglu could spare a dedicated listening room just for himself. With the exception of Clearaudio turntable he sold all the components of his previous system and bought first a pair of Sonus Faber Amati speakers. It took him a year to plan and gather all the remaining components which also included various room treatment items.

I was so impressed by the sight of his new listening room (4 x 10 m.) that I could not refrain myself from taking pictures from many different angles (do enlarge them!). It was not just a bunch of electronics and accessories put together randomly but one could feel the big effort behind harmonious colors, proportions and aesthetics. The finishing of the rack woods was locally made using exactly the same wood finish as the Amati speakers!

The speakers were placed half way between the front and the back walls, giving a lot of space for stage depth. The listening sofa was very cleverly put 1.5 m away from the back wall.

Let me now list all his new components (with the exception of Turntable which remained unchanged):

CD Transport:

Burmester 969

D/A Converter:

DCS Elgar

Upsampling unit:

DCS Purcell 24/192

Line Preamp:

Aesthetix Callisto (with separate power supply)

Phono Preamp:

Aesthetix Callisto IO (which has its own dedicated volume control in order to get connected to the power amp directly and not through line preamp)

Power Amp:

Komuro 845 Push-Pull (2 x mono). This 55W amp will soon be replaced by the 100W model of the same brand.

All signal cables:

XLO Limited Edition

All A/C cables:

Shunyata King Cobra (when you move the cable up and down it makes a noise similar to a cobra, I think it's because of the sand which Shunyata filled in to eliminate the unwanted vibrations)

Power Conditioners:

Accuphase PS1200,
Quantum Charger


Sonus Faber Amati

Room Treatment:

6 x Studio Trap
8 x Room Lenses
200 x Dots
4 x Corner Traps

(vibration control)

Q Dampers
Symposium Ultra
Signal Guard
Harmonix TU-210, TU-1000
Clearaudio Magix
Various Polycrystal products.

Power extension box:

Purist Audio

The only thing was that most of the components were not properly broken-in yet and the positioning of the various room treatment elements were not yet final. Once the break-in is complete, room acoustic specialist Robert Stein (from Cable Company) will visit Adnan and will fine tune all the elements, including the positioning of the speakers. A third visit is in order (I mentioned to Adnan my wish to be present when Robert Stein is in action in his room. It will be quite an experience!).

Although it is premature to give you any comments about the system's performance, let me just tell you that even at their present stage (unbroken-in and untuned) the sound was very open, had a huge depth and natural tonality (enough said!). I think it will sound great once all the adjustments will be in place.

Very promising and very exciting to follow. Congratulations Adnan!

the room

the system

the electronics

Kharma speaker

external crossover

Ongaku DAC

CEC TL 0 transport

Tenor 75


back view


Third Visit Notes (11 August 2002)

It's been two years since my last visit to Adnan Salihoglu's dedicated audio room. Since then with the exception of Room Lenses and Studio Traps the whole system was renewed. With the glowing tubes of four Tenor amplifiers and with retro styled massive Kharma speakers the listening room now looks more stunning than ever. I took as many pictures as I could, attempting to reflect the striking beauty of this dream room. But still Adnan complained to me that he has difficulties moving the speakers in order to adjust the toe-in angles as each of them weighs 250 kg!!!

I also noticed that the Clearaudio turntable had disappeared and the new system was now CD only. Adnan explained to me that his decision to give up the analog was due to the RF noise pick up of the phono stage preamp. He lives in an area covered by a substantial amount of RF and cellular phone transmitting stations.

As the entire system is renewed, let me give you the list of its components in a table format:

CD Transport:


D/A Converter:

Kondo Ongaku

Power amps:

4 x Tenor 75


Kharma extended (with external crossover) Exquisite 1A with Diamond tweeter and Enigma cable (for all internal wirings)

Speaker cables:

Kharma Enigma


Kharma Enigma

Digital Cable:

Kharma Enigma

Power Cords:

David Elrod EPS2 signature and EPS3 signature

Power Conditioner:

Audio Magic Stealth and Stealth digital

Vibration Platforms:

Silent Running Audio Ohio class XL, Polycrystal spikes

Room Treatment:

In addition to the previous set-up there are now 4 x ASC Cube Towers at 4 corners.

I asked Adnan to give me his thoughts about the sonic improvements he got with his new system. Here is what he said: "The new system has a considerably deeper and wider sound stage. Particularly its mid range is more open and liquid. There is an increased level of articulation on all spectrum. Micro and macro details are also increased. Low frequencies have more control and the overall sound is more dynamic."

For me the most striking point was the exceptional depth of the sound stage. Especially while listening to a big orchestra, hearing some of the instruments five meters behind the speakers makes it very life like indeed.

Adnan has now placed an order for the missing preamp to Kondo Ongaku. The other point Adnan is willing to fix is the fluctuation of the mains voltage. He is planning to buy a central voltage regulator. But above all Adnan's biggest complaint is the heat (so many tubes does not help in the middle of an August heat wave!).

As this is an endless process, there will always be things to improve, but as it is today this system has an exceptional sound. Well done Adnan!