Tuncel Gulsoy's 
Date of Visit:
06 February 1999

13 November 1999

the System

D&B Lab power amp

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Tuncel Gulsoy


Tuncel is the ex (1997-98) and very active General Secretary of Istanbul Hi Fi Club as well as its President to be (1999/00). During my visit there were six other members (four of them ex-Presidents) and we unanimously decided that his system's placement was not ideal. Of course many alternative suggestions were made. We will eagerly wait and see the outcome.

Tuncel has a second system (not listed below) which consists of KEF LS3/5-a's and D&B Lab amplification (the only commercially available Turkish made tube amplifiers designed and built by Deger Terem). D&B Lab Power is pictured on the left.

Tuncel is a regular contributor to Turkish "Jazz" magazine. He writes CD reviews and interviews Turkish Jazz musicians. He is currently working on the biography of Erol Pekcan.

Tuncel's collection includes 1700 CD's and 600 LP's, he listens to jazz (70%), classical (20%) and other music (10%).

System's Components
CD Player Quad 77
Preamp: Quad 77
Power Amps: Quad 707 (bi-amped)
Speakers: Kef Reference 3
Interconnects: Quad Link
Speaker Cables:  Quad

Tuncel's comments about his System:

AA: "Tuncel, how would you describe your system's sound?"
TG: "It is transparent, detailed and has a monitor quality."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
TG: "Yes, I would wish to have a bigger sound stage."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
TG: "Yes, I'm planning to try the Transparent cables and Meridian 508.24 CD Player. I may also upgrade my speakers to Kef Reference 4."

the new system

Kef Reference 4
Re-Visit Notes (13 November 1999)

When I first visited Tuncel on 6 February 99, he was the General Secretary of Istanbul Hi-Fi Club, but he recently became the President. So the first change is in the title.

If you read the first paragraph of my first visit notes, you will notice that our committee had suggested him to relocate his system. A real President is a good listener (who had said that?). Tuncel chose an ideal location for his system and with the consent of his wife he completely changed the layout of his living room. He also separated his second system and placed it to another wall. Bravo Tuncel!

On the interview he had also expressed his wish to upgrade his speakers to Kef Reference 4 and he has now done it. The rest of his system remains unchanged.

The speakers were brand new and had only a few hours of break in, but in its new place the system sounded much more airy and gave the feeling of a bigger stage. It was also very neutral and had good inner detail.

Very good moves Tuncel, happy listening.