Mesut Can Karatay's 
Date of Visit:
29 January 2000

1 April 2000

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Mesut Can Karatay

An "Ear - Nose - Throat" specialist (prof. M.D.): Can has a privileged status among Istanbul Hi-Fi Club members. He knows the functionings of our most precious instrument (?) better than anybody in the club, but he shared a small portion of his knowledge with us during a seminar that he gave three years ago.

Medieval and Renaissance music is another expertise area of Can . He happens to be a fan of the Medieval era music of which he's got in depth knowledge. He gave us a presentation titled "Passage to Polyphony". He also had a radio program on "Acik Radyo" called "Organum" where he played the music of the same era.

Can (pronounced as "Djan") acquired his system very recently. It is placed in the main (9 x 5.5m.) living room which has an exquisite view to the Bosphorus (see bottom picture). He had no such problems as WAF. "A new car or a new Hi-Fi system?" he asked his wife and the response was "a new Hi-Fi"!!!!! This deserves a big BRAVO!

Can listens to small scale and vocal classical music (90%) and jazz (10%).

System's Components
Turntable: Thorens 125 Mk II
Arm: SME 309 Mk II
Cartridge: Shure V15 III
CD Player: Conrad-Johnson DV-2b
Preamp: Conrad-Johnson PV12 with tube phono stage
Power Amp: Conrad-Johnson Premier Eleven
Speakers: Martin Logan Request
Interconnects: Audioquest Onyx
Speaker Cables:  WireWorld Gold Eclipse
Power Conditioner:  MIT Z Center with Z cord II
Mains regulation: Akusta

Can's comments about his System:

AA: "Can, how would you describe your system's sound?"
MCK: "Light weight, clear, transparent, neutral and devoid of harshness."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
MCK: "As I purchased the system very recently, my enthusiasm does not allow me to have impartial criticism."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
MCK: "I already ordered the Conrad-Johnson Premier 12 power amps (with twice as much power then the Elevens). I don't know if it's going to be an upgrade but my initial dream was to drive the Requests with the C-J 12 mono amps and now I just want to hear the sound of this combination."

the new system

the electronics

C-J Premier 12

Re-Visit Notes (1 April 2000)

Just to refresh your memories please read above Can's reply to my last question of the first visit. He says that he already ordered the Conrad-Johnson Premier 12 monoblock power amps (140W per channel). Well he got them. As they are now totally broken-in I wanted to make a re-visit and try to evaluate the difference.

As vibrant as always Can started to tell me his wife's and his impressions.
Right upon the first audition his wife said: "The room got bigger!" 
And Can told me the following:
"Before (with C-J 11's) it was as if looking at the view behind a window, now the window is fully open and I'm face to face with the scenery with nothing between us. There is more body, the bass had more extension and control. There is also more resolution."

Although I did not have the opportunity to listen to the two amps one after the other I had also similar impressions, plus one more: the sound seemed much more effortless now.

Well Can, your initial dream to drive the Requests with the C-J 12's was the right one. Congratulations for your intuition and happy listening!