Orhan Berk's 
Date of Visit:
04 December 1999

the system

the electronics

Wife unfriendly Dunlavy 4



Orhan Berk is a first generation audiophile (whatever this means?): he's been into Hi-Fi for more than 35 years. He says that his involvement deepened after his acquaintance with Halil Tizer (the pioneer).

His imposing system occupies nearly one third of his main (8 x 5 m) living room. WAF has been an issue especially with the Dunlavy 4 speakers. These popular speakers don't seem to be wife friendly! With some break in her tolerance level seemed to show considerable increase. Next to "WAF" I would like to introduce a new domestic terminology: "WBI" = "Wife Break In". 

Like most audiophiles Orhan Berk has a cat: a siamese called PARS (see picture).

Orhan Berk's speaker cables were in contact with the floor, I proposed to elevate them for about 10 cm and listen to the effect. This tweak worked again: the sound became cleaner, with more inner detail and with a better illusion of depth. 

Orhan Berk is not a member of Istanbul Hi-Fi Club and is not enthusiastic to join. He listens to classical (80%), jazz (10%) and pop (10%) music.

The CD's he uses for system evaluation purposes are the followings.

  • Schoenberg / Erwartung, Kammersyphonie / City of Birmingham SO, Rattle /  EMI 555 212-2
  • Kathleen Battle / Honey and Rue / DG 497 787-2
  • Sibelius / Violin Concerto / Mutter, Staatskapelle Dresden, Previn / DG 447 895-2
System's Components
CD Transport: Theta Jade
D/A Converter: Theta Generation 5
Line Preamp: Jadis JPL
Power Amp: Jadis Defy 7
Speakers: Dunlavy 4
Interconnects: Transparent Ultra SE
Speaker Cables:  Audioquest Clear, Van den Hul C6 (bi-wired)
Digital Cable: Illuminati D60
Power Cables: Home made

Orhan's comments about his System:

AA: "Orhan, how would you describe your system's sound?"
OB: "Natural, has good resolution, and has reasonably good sound stage"
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
OB: "Yes, the resolution could be better and also the focus."
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
OB: "Yes, I would like to upgrade the CD Transport and the speaker cables."