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14 June 2005

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Audiomeca CD player

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KEF Ref 201

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Mert Tetik

I live in Antalya, located in south Turkey, where tourism is the first subject to discuss. However, living and working in little touristic settlement couldn't stop me to become a dedicated audiophile despite unsteady working hours. Actually, story has begun in Germany, Heidelberg, where I had my B.B.A. degree. It was a rainy and typical fall day in Heidelberg and I was desperately seeking a shelter to avoid the rain and I spotted very nice looking electronics in display window of a Hi-Fi shop called Music und Design. I was wet and I couldn't keep walking. 10 seconds later I was in heaven. I have never heard such a beautifull sounding Hi-Fi components in my life. However they were quite expensive for a student. Inside, there were full of Musical Fidelities, Audionets, AVMs, Cyruses, Martin Logans, B&Ws, KEFs...many fancy looking audio components. I asked to Uwe Vetter, owner, what can be suitable for a dormitory room and budget is limited. Untill that point I was always interested in electronics but I never had a feeling of necessity to own a precise, sounding indeed good system. I got sick in the end but not because of the being wet, but I had the bug of audio.

It was 1994 when I purchased my first Hi-fi audio gear: Cyrus 3 integrated amplifier, Cyrus Dad 7 cd player, Mission 780SE speakers, Kimber cables. I graduated in 1996 from University, and me and Cyruses found ourselves in Istanbul. Akusta was the place accidently discovered while I was shopping in Nisantas in 1995. Soon I met with Ertugrul Karasati and found out they carry Cyrus and Mission lines. Without hesitation, I bought Cyrus power amplifier and bi-amped Mission 780SEs. However this was theoritical limit of Cyruses can deliver. Sad that the law of marginal diminishing returns applied. If I was up to get a quite considerable increase in quality of sound, I would have to invest twice. Answer soon came and I bought Proceed system by Madrigal audio and award winning Jamo Concert 8s. Cables were of course MIT 750-330 Terminators (1997).

Between 1997-2004, I had not much time and declined from being an audiophile. I stopped buying CD's and listening to mostly Professional systems (yes I have also a professional system: Martin Audio Black Line sub sat speakers, Crest amplifier, Citronic sm-450 mk2 mixer, Numark 39s twin cd player. I will also upgrade my professional system).

In the end of 2004, I decided to return to my old love: 2 channel audio!!! I don't know why but I felt I was missing the sound of my old Cyrus system: typical British sound. After a little search, I found out Cyrus was not available in Turkey but Musical Fidelity X-series looked similar in size even better in sound reproduction and thanks god that there was a distrubutor for M.F.

I bought integrated amplifier based on reviews that I downloaded via internet. I listened to X-P-200 power amplifier, X-Dac v3, X-10 V3, X-PSU v3 in Istanbul, and bought after 1 hour listening session. Soon after Jamo Concert 8 was replaced by Kef reference 201. (actually speakers came to me for demo but I was too lazy to pack them for sending back, I prefered to buy the KEF's instead of sending them back:) KEFs sound marvelous in reality. Next target was entire cabling. In order to achieve maximum synergy, silk smooth, well detailed sound, Vandenhul cables were selected. Finaly, REL Stampede Sub-bass system put in service (starts from 16 hz) not just for home theater, also for 2 channel stereo listenings. (REL has neutrik Hi input). By the way, REL's subs are audiophile friendly, more suitable for Hi-Fi than Home Theatre.

In the end I have a complete Musical Fidelity, complete Vandenhul system, matched with KEF Reference 201 speakers. Every component in my system either deserved ''A'' or ''B'' rating from Stereophile, recommended by Hi-Fi News, Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi world, Hi-Fi+, The Absolute Sound, ..... even my integrated amplifier, X-150 selected as '' European Integrated amplifier'' 2004-2005 by EISA. I am quite satisfied with the sound of my system. I get lots of detail, bass weight and authority, dynamics, smooth tube like sound, proper stage feeling.

I mainly listen contemporary Jazz and female vocal. Sometimes I listen classical as well but only in daytime.

System's Components

CD player:

Musical Fidelity X-Ray V3, Audiomeca Keops


Musical Fidelity X-Dac V3


Musical Fidelity X-10 V3

Power amps:

Musical Fidelity X-150 integrated and X-P-200


KEF Reference 201


REL Stampede

Power Conditioner:

PS Audio Power Director 3.5


First Ultimate, Second, Well, Hybrid 102 mk3, Chord Chameleon Silver

Speaker Cables:

Vandenhul Magnum, Revolution

Power Cables:

Ecosse Big Orange, Vandenhul Mainstream

Mert's comments about his system:

AA: "Mert, how would you describe your system's sound?"

PS: "Strong, clean transistor power with real depth, dynamic, neutral, sweet but detailed treble, midband transparent, bass is strong and taut."

AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

PS: "I regret to say that 2 channel audio reproduction in a 20 square meters room doesn't get better than that: If it ain't fix it , don't breake it."  

AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

PS: "Not at this moment, I will enjoy for a while and wait for next bug."