Peder Solås's
Date of "Visit":
08 August 2004

general view

DIY 300B amp

power supply

a close-up detail of the power supply

DIY speaker

speaker detail


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Peder Solås

My name is Peder Solås. I am from Norway and I live in Mandal. I am an electrician.

Due to my interest in hi fi and my expertise in electronics I have been thinking about a 3 phase power supply for the power amp. Then I saw that Thomas Mayer (from Germany) had already done this. So I took the Andrea Ciuffoli's 300B PSE mk 2 schematic and constructed my amps.This is an amp that has a weight of 150kg. The mono power supply is : 3 x 500VA for B+ and 3 x 50VA for A+. Even the 300B heating uses 3 phase.

Speakers are Dick Olsher's Platinium Basszillas which is an 8 ohm, 98 db/W/m speaker. Its weigt is 130 kg each. My CD player is Accuphase Dp 75 V. All the caps inside it has been replaced by Black Gate ones most of them being NX type. This Accuphase has a big empty space for opinnion boards. Inside it I have also placed the TVC volume controls.


System's Components

CD player:

Accuphase DP 75V


Stevens & Billington TVC

Power amps:

DIY (based on Andrea Ciuffoli's 300B PSE mk 2 schematic, using a separate 3 phase power supply)


Dick Olsher's DIY Basszilla Platinium


Cardas Golden Reference

Speaker Cables:

Cardas SE 9

  • Peder's comments about his system:

    AA: "Peder, how would you describe your system's sound?"

    PS: "The sound is very dynamic and clear."

    AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"

    PS: "Yes, I have to fine tune the speaker placement. "  

    AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"

    PS: "I am now building Dick Olsher's linestages: the Blue Velvet."