Istanbul Hi-Fi Club Meeting of 25 May 2000
Linn CD-12 vs. Linn LP-12

28 May 2000

Konrad Stachel and Linn system

Last Thursday Istanbul Hi-Fi Club's month of May meeting hosted a very out-of-ordinary guest: Linn. The main purpose of  the meeting was to listen to Linn's legendary CD Player, the CD-12, and compare it with their equally legendary LP-12.

Linn's Turkish distributor PROMAR took our invitation very seriously and invited Mr. Konrad Stachel (Linn Market Development Manager) to give us a presentation about Linn and its products.

The system consisted of solely Linn products:

  • Turntable: Linn LP-12
  • Arm: Akito
  • Cartridge: Klyde
  • Power Supply: Valhalla
  • CD Player: Linn CD-12
  • Phono Preamp: Linto
  • Line Preamp: Linn AV 5103
  • Power Amps: 6 x Linn Klimax 500 Solo (3 per channel  + 1 active crossover)
  • Speakers: Linn Keltik
  • Interconnects and speaker cables: Linn made
Unfortunately we were unable to evaluate each of the products as we were listening to a complete system, but our General Secretary, Haluk Ozumerzifon, who had the chance to audition CD-12 on his own system reported that it sounded very good and surpassed his own CD Player (ARC CD-1) by a large margin.

Again LP (although was not equipped with Linn's best arm and cartridge) proved itself superior to CD, by a small margin though, with its seamless, more coherent presentation and its less tiring liquidity. But, are we unfair to CD in this whole comparison process. The recording of the test CD/LP was also Linn's and was from analog masters. To be fair we should have also listened to another test CD/LP made with digital masters. We had noticed in an earlier test that in such a case CD presented itself to be superior to LP. 

Nevertheless, it was an excellent event and the attendance reached it's maximum number of year: 44. 

Once again, on behalf of Istanbul Hi-Fi Club, thank you Linn and thank you Promar for such nice and meticulously organized presentation and auditioning.