Conrad-Johnson Premier 12's driving Alon Circe's

22 April 2000

Alon Circe & C-J 12
Nejat Basar is in search of an ideal power amplifier for his Alon Circe speakers. To help him out Can Karatay very kindly took his Conrad-Johnson Premier 12 monoblock power amps to Nejat's place. On behalf of Nejat and all our community I would like to thank Can Karatay for such a generous move.

I arrived a bit late and had to depart early and therefore could not witness the A-B-A testing against Nejat's Musical Fidelity MA 50-X mono power amps (although I had previously heard them with the Alon's). I only listened to the Conrad-Johnson's. Let me tell you that the synergy was very good, in fact the best I heard in Nejat's place: mids had a good body and natural tonality, the overall stage was bigger, the bass very well controlled and extended. This combination seemed to me like an ideal match. But I'll stop here and say no more. Although unfair, I still asked Nejat to comment on the direct comparison between the two sets of power amps as he was the one who witnessed the A-B-A testing. This is how he goes:

"Here is an absurd comparison among two amplifiers; a light weight and a heavy weight, but relevant to tell one what is gained as one goes up from a tight budget to a larger one, from transistor to tube, from small power (50 wpc) to a higher one (140 wpc).

Although both amplifiers are quite good in their category replacing them takes you from the rear seat of a decent performance to the eight row, takes you involved into the event of the excellent picture hung on the wall you were previously watching with appreciation.

Briefly told, one gets more of; substance and integrity, timbrally musical quality, slam, control and definition at lower frequencies to support the total of the music, three dimensionality enhancement and the sense of ambiance, all adding up to involvement and satisfaction which increases as you get closer to the real thing (which is the acoustical-unplugged instruments performing in a decent concert hall)."