MIT MH 850 IVO Shotgun vs. Purist Audio Dominus

8 April 2000

MIT vs. Dominus

During my re-visit call to Sinan Ustunkal, I received a phone call from Cuneyt Borcbakan who was inviting me to witness an interesting speaker cable test. He lives within a five minutes driving distance from where we were. Would I miss such an event? Definitely not! 

The two speaker cables in question were Cuneyt Borcbakan's own MIT MH 850 IVO Shotgun and Can Elgiz's previous cable: Purist Audio Dominus. Two top level cables of the same price ($$$!) range. 

Together with Cuneyt and Nejat we had tested MIT MH 850 IVO Shotgun against many different cables and noticed that MIT was superior to all of them with a very clear margin. I had the impression that it was the reference speaker cable which was difficult (or impossible) to surpass.

Well I was wrong! Purist Audio Dominus excelled in many different areas:

  • Tonality: more natural timbers, warmer and sweeter.
  • Body: more body on the mids and low frequencies.
  • Extension: Dominus seemed to have more low frequency extension.
  • Detail: more inner detail resolution.
Overall Dominus was a much more musical and pleasant speaker cable than MIT. Of course these findings are only true for Cuneyt's system. Wilson Watt / Puppy 6 is a very analytic speaker and Dominus' sonic character had a good synergy with them. The result might have been different on another system.

The only area where MIT was superior was the stage width.

Our panel consisted of the following audiophiles: Cuneyt Borcbakan, Nejat Basar, Can Elgiz, Can Karatay, Haluk Ozumerzifon, Sinan Ustunkal. They were unanimous about the above test results.

Life is full of surprises. Will Cuneyt keep them? We'll wait and see (and report).