Dan Cornett's 
Date of "Visit":
1 March 2000

the system

Audion CD player (with tubes!)

Infinity Beta's

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Dan Cornett


My name is Dan Cornett. I live in Long Island, NY. My room dimensions are 22 by 27.  I listen to top 40 music, 80s pop, Dance music and instrumentals. I have 500 CDs and 1500 Records.  2 good songs to evaluate my speakers are Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes and Its a beautiful Life by Ace of Base.   I would describe the Betas as sounding very sweet and silky with an amazing soundstage.  My Audion Ultimate CD Player sounds very soft and mellow.  The Scott Wilkes Tube Amps have that nice tube sound. The transformers on them are really built. They uses 6550 Tubes.  I plan on getting the Ayre V1 Amp to replace the Macintosh 2205 Amps.  My speaker cables are great. The Tara Labs Temporal continuum and the Custom House Benchmark Audio MK II Cables sound  very natural.  I also like the Solid Core Technology Interconnects for 129 a  meter by Stewart Grand.

System's Components
Turntable: Oracle Delphi Mark 4
Arm: SME 4
Cartridge: Kiseki Blackheart
CD Player: Audion the Ultimate
Line Preamp: Krell Pam 7
Phono Preamp: Coda
Power Amp: 2 x Mcintosh 2205 Amps bridged for the woofers +
Tube Amps designed by Scott Wilkes to power the Emit Emim Part of the Betas
Speakers: Infinity Betas
Interconnects: Custom House Cable BenchMark and Solid Core Technology
Speaker Cables: Tara Labs Temporal Continuum and Custom House Cable Benchmark
Power Conditioner: Bybee
Power Cord: ESP Power Cord and a Custom Power cord by the Luxor Group

Dan's comments about his System:

AA: "Dan, how would you describe your system's sound?"
DC: "The sound is very sweet and Silky. Soundstage is very wide."
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
DC: "Yes I want to get better a Solid State Amp." 
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
DC: "Yes I plan on getting the Ayre V1 Amp or the Meridian 557 Amps bridged."