Roland Heinlein's 
Date of "Visit":
27 March 2000


the system

Einhorn Akusitik 300B

Oris 150 Reference

EMT 950 Studio

Platine Verdier

EMT 930 studio

Telefunken M5B

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Roland Heinlein

I started with the "Hobby" about thirty years ago (with six years) with a Grundig Solid-State tape recorder which was a gift from my father at Christmas - time. Since that time I was always struggled in good sound reproduction. My great goal to become a "Tone - Engineer" as a  profession is unfortunately not reality. A "normal education" has taken place instead of that. Today I'm working in a huge Computer Company which has the three big letters on the Buildings! ( or on the PC's ). BTW, some Friends told me,  that it would be a shame to me, to have no private PC. They're right, because  I've worked with my PC only in the "Company", but I see that there's a need for having one at home too (enormous possibilities in the net which are still increasing and especially a lot of "High - End" infected people.....) But now back to the "roots"...........................

With my first "earned money" I ordered the kit for creating two Speakers. I was convinced about the theory, the more systems they consist of, the better it should sound. ( poor boy.......).

Now it follows a long period of changing Speakers and cables and Amps. and so on..... 
After a while I thought by myself, that it couldn't make sense to change  the Equipment several times. But indeed, all "normal Speakers" are sounding different and the Ears are totally complex. There is a "need" to find the Sound itself, but it seems that the goal isn't reachable with much money or new "Brands" You can spend money with no limit to the top and you've always a "Compromise". At this time i worked in the Opera House as a Technician and was involved all days in this huge Opera's behind the stage.
There was so much "Dynamic" totally there and something which is called "the untouchable" In Cinema's i often had the similar experience, but if i start closing my eyes, the Speakers were present again.......

A "Private-Offer" in a Hi -Fi magazine has changed the situation in general.
I remember to the text:" Tube Amps and a pair of Klipsch for sale !!"
This was the beginning of a new challenge in Hi-Fi for me.
Meanwhile the Klipsch has gone and there are Fullrange-drivers instead.
But the "Horn - Principles" are still my Bible.

No other System (in my opinion) can offer this dramatically huge Dynamic.
And it is not the "Horn - Principle" which is "coloring" the sound.
It is the incomplete knowledge in constructing the right Drivers and Enclosures.

It did take a long time, but a dream has been reality.

With the massive molded stone - horns for  the deep section ( Sensitivity 103 db ) and the Front Horn from Bert  Doppenberg (, in addition with Fillip Keller's Fullrange-chassis ( mirror of nature ==> implosion theory ) , the possibility for "Reproducing" is given with only 2 Watt power / channel !! Due to the fact, that we've the possibility to live in a own House, the acoustical situation is amazing.

Our Living room has no standing waves and the four molded Horns found their "Home" nearby each corner. The Main Speakers consist of the "well known" massive Horn and Bert Doppenberg's "Oris150" without Crossover.
On the Photos you can see the "Surrounds" which are multi-way "active" Systems from " Backes und M¸ller (what a shame !!) including the Plasma tweeter on the top.                                                                                                                                                          These Speakers are only for encoded "Dolby CD's" or movies. (mostly switched off......)
My personal taste of music is 75 percent "Classical" and the rest "Hard Rock and Soul music.............
In the classical section my "Tops" are the Opera's from Puccini and Verdi. ( Turandot for " tuning" the set....).
The modern Operas from Philip Glass are also a "must". ( Echnaton, Satyagraha....).

System's Components


 Reel Tape Machine : 

Platine Verdier with "air - bearing" arm and two air pumps / Denon DL 103
EMT 950 / Studio - Turntable
EMT 930/  Studio - Turntable ( only for collecting !!)

Telefunken M5B ( huge Master machine ) / Original Master Tapes or first copy (CBS)

CD Transport:

Sony CDP - R1A ( CD not in touch with the drive )

D/A Converter:

Parasound DAC 1500 not modified but ok for this medium

Line Preamp: 
Phono Preamp:

Einhorn Akustik Components ( developed by a small company on requested specifications )

Power Amp:

Einhorn Akustik direct heated 300B Tube - Amp.


Oris 150 Reference (the Oris 150 front horn with horn loaded "Phonogen"



Speaker Cables: 



Le Corbussier.............

Roland's comments about his System:

AA: "Roland, how would you describe your system's sound?"
RH: "The system is dramatically "real" in my opinion. I played the classical Horn in an Orchestra 20 years ago. If i listen to my master tapes, the illusion is perfect !!
AA: "Do you think there is room for improvement?"
RH: "Yes",  i need Kobalt magnets from Fillip, ( my "Speaker builder" !)  but he's not able to develop so fast with regard to the nature theory. There is adifferent coil - length necessary and a long development period after that. But I'm sure I've got the best for now and with this Quality of reproduction I can't waste my time at all" !
AA: "Have you got plans for upgrading?"
RH: "Oil damping" for my air bearing tonearm and changing to "Battery - Drive"  for the "Verdier" (Turntable) are the next "projects"