My first DIY project. "Sound Practices"article,
pictures and schematic.
My second DIY project: a preamp
"With Output Transformer".
See the pictures and schematic.
My system revealed.
See the pictures and details.

(last update: 20 February 2005)
Discover my audiophile friends and their sanctuaries.
Pierre Keler
("visit" date: 23 January 2012)

Using a “hydraulic music system” of his own design as a model, Adnan Arduman tries to cover how a vacuum tube works. His objective is to make his speech comprehensible even to people with no technical or engineering background.

audio hardware, software and other good links.
(last update: 14 June 2005)

Timpani Audio & Video web site
Showrooms with 10 different systems on permanent display, CD recommendations, music and audio events, technical articles...
(this site is in Turkish only)

My Photgraphy Portfolio Site

"KAYITSIZ Kalabilir misiniz?"

A radio program with Adnan Arduman & Reha Arcan.
See the weekly material and details.

My "Istanbul Friends" appeared in Taiwanese AudioArt magazine
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(last update: 30 May 2002)
My London Hi-Fi Show 2001 coverage appeared in Japanese MJ magazine
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(last update: 30 January 2002)
"Odyofilya SokaklarI" ("The Streets of Audiophilia")
My previous radio program. The weekly material and details.
(last update: 26 April 2003)
The Artisans of Music
This section is dedicated to the Luthiers of "Real" and "Reproduced" Music.
  My Reviews
My hardware reviews appeared in the e-magazine.  (last update: 14 August 2002)
  Hi-Fi Show 2001 - London
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  Hi-Fi Show 2000 - London
Please click to read my coverage.
  The HI-FI SHOW - London 99
Please click to read my coverage.
  Hi-Fi '99 Chicago Show
Please click above to read my coverage. Also includes: Dave Slagle and Lyric.
  News & Happenings
Exciting audio events reported to you on these pages.
(last update: 19 March 2001)
  Quotations on Music
These are the ones I like out of thousands on the same subject.  (last update: 05 June 2002)
  Updated CD's
In this section you will find some more CD recommendations.
  "Creme de la Creme" Recordings
My "best of" selection of all CD's played during our weekly radio program...
  Who Am I?
This is the most boring section. Don't look unless you're a suicidal cat.